Our Ledgers

You know it when you see it. This time around we didn’t cross a bridge, but the sign is still there. You know you’re in Wales when it starts getting tricky to read the signs.

How to Survive a YSA Convention

Finally in the process of migrating posts from my old blogs: I enjoy YSA Conventions. Also known as YSA conferences (or to some, multi-day meat markets), hundreds of Mormons from all over flee their usual weekend routine for a ticket to meet and mingle with peers. But mostly it’s another opportunity to suss out potentials and…

Because I Want To Be

There can be many parts to a whole. A page from a book, a slice of pizza, a raindrop back into the ocean. To us, this can be where we were born, how we were raised, the allergies we may have, the memories we make and more. Each piece forms an integral part of who…

Things I Like

For Day 2 of Writing 101, I filled in the blank: I like ________. Completing a creative project or as of late my college assignments. I might’ve gone too far in making sure an ungraded piece would be ranked at the highest standard just to see I could do it. When my songs come on…

I Write Because

Why do I write? Why the heck I write? Do I get monetary gain from translating thoughts, emotions and desires into words? No. It would be easy if that was the case. I’ve been telling myself that I work best against the current. Put me in a tight deadline and I will work my ass off. Throw…

Hey There Old Sport

Four people, three guys, two DSLRs, one girl. What do all of those have in common? Burritos. Okay so we had the best burritos before that, it’s more of a clean and crisp photo walk by the side of the Birmingham canals. 

17 Things You Should Know…

I find it strange to talk about myself, but writing is another ballpark. Here are 17 things people should know about me, leaving the best for last.

The Hunt for Meat

Michael Scott and I go on a hunt. Well, it’s mostly mainly me, but he kept me company by perfectly illustrating my most recent misadventure. All in the hunt for meat.

Lessons from My Father

Dad, if you’re reading this, I’d like to tell you that you’re doing great. I know you are doing your best and I am grateful for all you do. To honour this year, I listed out the top three things I have learned from you, whether you meant to teach them or not, because actions speak louder than words.