I Write Because

Why do I write? Why the heck I write? Do I get monetary gain from translating thoughts, emotions and desires into words?


It would be easy if that was the case. I’ve been telling myself that I work best against the current. Put me in a tight deadline and I will work my ass off. Throw in mortal peril and that threat is sure to get me running up and down a hill, with a burpee and jump tuck combo every thirty seconds.


I write because of death or rather, the brevity of mortal life. Eternity is a concept dearly woven into my life. Death is simply a door. Writing reminds me that we are the same yet different and yet we are so much more. I want to leave a legacy, a name that echoes beyond my reach. I write because I want to lead a life worth living.

I write because it propels me forward, grounds in the now and cosies the nights where I yearn to travel back in time. I write because it moves me between time and space, bestowing upon me this ability to blossom out of this awkward shell I call home.

I write because I want to be heard. I write because it’s the way that breaks my soul, as I leave little pieces in the words I chose. I write because it breaks me and makes me whole.

There and here, I write because my soul still grows and there is not enough room to keep it.

This is day one’s musings for Daily Post’s Writing 101. I’m doing this on top of work, school, church and personal commitments. I want to this because I miss writing and hope to depart from this need to write something perfect off the bat.


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  1. Gradmama2011 says:

    I try not to delete anything until it sits for awhile. Sometimes there is the bones of something useful.


    1. Ever since I’ve sort of nested writing on a laptop, it’s soooo easy to just take it to trash but you’re right. I’ll try my best to not be so hasty when it comes to not having that ‘right feeling’ and just write.


      1. Gradmama2011 says:

        good plan 😃


  2. savannah says:

    It’s very apparent that you’re a writer, it’s as if your mind is oozing words which creates this fluidity and effortlessness in your personal voice. Somehow in 15 minutes you’ve managed to illustrate your meaning so directly and clearly, what a gift!

    “I write because of death or rather, the brevity of mortal life.”
    This is concept I couldn’t help but physically nod my head with and ‘mmhmm’ as if I were sitting in church and you were the pastor or maybe I should have snapped my fingers as if this were a spoken word performance. Either way this post had the same resonance to me of both.

    Can’t wait to see the other great aspects this Writing 101 course brings out in you!


    1. Thank you. I’m on my way to bed but I had to say thank you.

      When I look what I write, I quickly see what is wrong with it or pick apart until I find something wrong but that’s self-sabotage…which, boy, I can good at but, I’m learning, determined not to be.

      I’m really excited and glad that I’m taking part because it’s wonderful to meet like-minded individuals! Anyways, thanks again!


  3. emily says:

    Wow, can you write! The writing 101 course has been amazing and I haven’t even got past the first day yet. Amazing in effect of how many people I’m meeting, and I’m glad to meet you. We have a lot in common, God, uni, busy lives (well I have a lot of medical appointments). I can’t formulate a proper sentence here, I’m honestly just set back on my heals by how good you are. We are going to learn a lot in this course but I think I’ve found my creative teacher in you.


  4. erinonphyre says:

    You have such a way with words. Definitely don’t doubt yourself, and don’t be so quick to hit delete. I find when I’m stuck like that and feeling like I want to trash it all and start over, I walk away and come back to it after I’ve let my mind wander away from it for a bit. I usually return pleasantly surprised at what I’ve wrote, happy that I didn’t delete it. Or, if I’m really not sure, I save what I have so that I can return to it later, and I start a fresh piece. I’m looking forward to reading your posts as the course progresses 🙂


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