Things I Like

For Day 2 of Writing 101, I filled in the blank: I like ________.

  1. Completing a creative project or as of late my college assignments. I might’ve gone too far in making sure an ungraded piece would be ranked at the highest standard just to see I could do it.
  2. When my songs come on and I’m ready on the floor, song and dance are beyond delightful.
  3. 90s films, especially Addams Family Values. That’s often my go to film for a cosy night in. Morticia Addams.  Macabre. Marvelous.
  4. Quirky piano pieces like Sunrise by Hauschka and Hopopono by GoGo Penguin.
  5. Sleeping in my bed, waking up in my bed, coming home to my bed. My bed.
  6. That point of exhaustion, spurned by a sugar high, where you end up laughing so hard your face hurts and it’s hard to breathe after an intense HIIT session.
  7. Self-development by living a Christ-centred life: overcoming weaknesses, expanding my horizons and finding the best version of myself.
  8. Chicken, rice. Cooking a feast for people I like, family, friends. I’ll add Tom Hiddleston in there too if I could.
  9. When a guy can not only dance but can lead you in dancing.
  10. Shooting people for photography.

Kumusta? Let me know what you think :)

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